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About Us


What to say about us?  Well, we're a sports bar! Plain and simple.. We are located in the heart of San Diego's Historic Gaslamp District, home of the Padres, all sports games, and live music + events. We've got a crew that's been with us for a long-time, so we know our stuff! We started here in 2005, so a little over 16 years ago.  Every place has a story, and our building has stood long before us having once been a place for the Navy to wash their clothes!


We connect, partner, and work with many different companies to supply our food and daily operations!  We have an events venue upstairs called Revel Revel - showcasing corporate events, special occasions, rehearsal dinners, baby showers, and overall music + club nights on Fridays & Saturdays.  The place is multi-faceted!


We supply our food from our ghost kitchens upstairs: Ghost Fried Chicken, Their menus offer diversity to our bar with options right at your fingertips from Louisiana style fried chicken, big + girthy burgers to authentic San Diego tuna company eats, you'll never walk away from our bar hungry. For special events, we also are home to EcoCaters in the building. Looking to cater a party? It's all about custom menus made for you. 



Interested in partnering or working with us? Info below! That's it. We're done talking. Grab a beer, a Friar Chicken Sandwich, and relax.

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